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06 July 2012 @ 07:24 pm
[Multi-chapter] Change Me - Chapter Five: The Unheard Song  
Have you heard the rumor about a possible Arashi album by October called "Future"??? All I know is the theme for 24 Hour TV is called "Future" (correct me if I'm wrong) Not getting my hopes high... But I really wish they'll release a new album ASAP. :)))))

And I'm still waiting for an Olympic theme song announcement....

This is is unbeta-ed so tell me if there are any errors and mistakes. Comments, suggestions, reactions and criticisms are gladly welcomed. Happy reading! :)

Word Count: 2,093

Chapter Five
The Unheard Song

They decided to meet at 6 at the neighborhood playground near the Takasugi residence in Azabu but Nino sets off to their meeting place earlier, just before the sun sets down. Surprisingly though, he’s not the early bird. He have to take a look at his watch to see if he’s already late but it only says 5 and the skies are still very much clear.

From afar he saw her, dressed in a refreshing summer dress, sitting on one of the kiddie swings and letting the neighborhood children pushed her off as they all giggle in laughter. Nino has to stop in a corner to watch them as she happily play with the kids, just like she’s one of them.

One boy is insistently pulling her hand, wanting to go to the slide while another one, a much smaller little boy, is pleading her to pick him up on her arms, and a throng of little kids surrounding her, girls and boys, wanting her attention. But Seira never loses the smile on her face. She tried attending to them one by one, gently talking to them.

When Nino crossed the street, she instantly saw him and happily waves her hand, the children around her excitedly waved their hands as well, making Nino laugh timidly at the sudden attention. He wonder if some of them knew who he was. 

“No one’s home so it’s really silent and boring. So I went here earlier.” Seira said as he got near. “Meet my new friends.” She grinned.

The kids echoed a high pitch hello, waving their hands, jumping up and down, some even jumping at him.

“I feel like I saw him on TV...” A little girl, around six years old, commented. Trying to remember who he was while tapping her index finger on her cheek.

A series of ‘Ehhh’ echoed on the playground and before someone from the kids remembers who he was, Nino made a small signal to Seira to leave.

Seira immediately made her excuse to leave as the children restrains her from leaving by holding on her arm, some even strangling on her legs, stopping her from taking a step. She promised to come back the next day to play with them again, she even said she try coming everyday to play. Eventually, the kids let her go, after they made her swear with her pinky finger that she will see them again.

“You’re unexpectedly good with kids.” Nino told her as they stride off the sidewalk. “I actually wondered if you knew them before.”

Seira laughed delightfully. “Yuji once told me the reason why I get along so well with kids is because I have the same wave-length as them... You see how my brother loves me very much?” She snorted.

 “I didn’t know he’s an inner tsundere. One minute he’s being a nice, protective brother and the next minute he makes fun teasing you.”

“That’s why I can’t stand him.” Seira concluded. “I was glad that he’s planning on moving out of the house, I probably won’t last summer if we live under the same roof.”

 They stopped in front of a nondescript Ryotei about fifteen minutes away from the playground.

“Is this okay with you?” Nino asked to confirm. He asked Sho, the gourmet specialist of Arashi, for a good authentic Japanese restaurant in Azabu and this place is on the top of his list.

Seira smiled. “No problem.” She assured. “I used to go in this place with my parents when I was young, every time my Dad wants a real taste of Japanese cooking. Apparently, this is place is here for decades.”

He didn’t expect that she knew about this place. “As expected, you really know this place...” 

Seira laughed. “Of course! I grew up here. Even if I’m in America for four years, I still know every shop on every street, even the ones by the small alleys, by heart. When I was young, I even know the last names of the family in the nearby streets from our house.”

“You sound like a sociable, energetic girl when you were a kid.” Nino observed as he courteously opened the door and lets her in first.

“That can be true. I’m outside the house all the time and I used to play with the kids in our neighborhood.” Seira grinned as she entered.

A woman in kimono welcomed them as Nino spoke to her and told her that he made a reservation. The woman nicely led them into a private tatami room upstairs.

Once they placed their orders, they woman left the room and they were alone in the small, quiet room.

All of a sudden, Nino can’t find a topic to talk about, not with this kind of ambiance.

“Are you having the day off?” Seira asked, getting rid of the sudden awkward air.

Nino shakes his head with a relieved smile. “No, I just finished my schedule early.”

Seira nodded intently. “Are you acting again? Or you’re just doing Arashi stuff these days?”

“I just got a new drama role.” Nino answered.

“Really? That’s good. I will definitely watch that one.” Seira smiled. “Tell me about it...” She sounded really interested.

Nino suddenly laughed shyly. “It’s from a manga, actually. Do you know Yamada Tarou Monogatari?”

“I didn’t read the manga but I heard of that one. I’m just not familiar with the story.” Seira answered honestly.

“Typical manga story, poor guy with a gentle heart mistaken by his classmate as a young master...” He got really embarrassed trying to explain the plot as his voice started fading with every word until he just laughed embarrassingly.

“What’s so funny about it?” Seira wondered as she tried laughing along.

“Just watch it.” Nino told her, place his hamburger hands on his face.

The same woman from earlier knocked outside and came in with a tray of hot tea and complimentary appetizer.

“Did you already start looking for a job?” Nino carefully inquired.

Seira just smiled and shakes her head. “I don’t really want to feel the pressure, I hate that feeling.”

“I’m sorry I asked.” Nino apologizes. He’s cursing himself inside his head for asking that question.

“No. It’s okay. If it’s from you, it’s okay.” Seira smiled at him before pouring herself a cup of tea. “I just don’t like hearing it from my family, I’m unaffected by Yuji but it’s stressing to hear it from my Dad, I feel like I disappointed him big time.”

Nino slowly nods his head, comprehending. “Then why don’t you gain his trust back?”

Seira pursed her lips before sighing. “I don’t know where to start.” She admitted.

Nino didn’t know what’s so special about him to be able to trust him with this personal problem of hers. He considers himself boring and incapable of giving worthy advice yet she’s admitting her true feelings like this, plus, she barely knows him.

“If you want my help...” Nino found himself saying. “Just tell me...” He continued. His voice is once again fading in shyness.

Seira gave him a big, grateful smile. “Thank you. I appreciate it.”

Their food came soon after as they immediately indulged on their meal. Nino started getting comfortable around her as minute gone by. Probably, it’s because of the natural gentleness on her aura. He realizes that she has this ability to soothe the atmosphere no matter how intense or awkward it is. She’s also very different from how she was whenever Yuji is around. With just the two of them in this small private room, she’s more sophisticated and gentle, she talks prudently and decently as well and he admits that he liked this side of her better.

“I was just curious on why you didn’t follow your parents’ footsteps.”Nino said in the middle of their meal. “Yuji-kun decided to take their path, so why don’t you?”

“I don’t want to hide on their shadows, you get what I mean?” Seira asked him and he nodded unsurely. “I am so sure that will be compared to them and my parents are arguably the most successful people in the industry during their generation, I just can’t handle the pressure. People will either love me because I have them as parents or hate me because I got in with their connections... That’s why I told myself I won’t ever work in the entertainment industry.” 

“But you can prove to them otherwise, right?” Nino said meaningfully. “Yuji-kun had the same reaction from people as well, but look at him now, he’s successfully climbing the top...”

“I’m not as confident as my brother... or as talented for that matter...” Somehow, there is sadness in her voice.

“I’m not sure about that...” Nino smiled encouragingly.

Seira laughed. “How can you say that? You haven’t seen me act or sing...”

Nino smiled as if he knows something. “Tomoko-san told me that you have a beautiful voice, even better than hers, she said...”

Seira snorted. “She said that because she’s my mother. She’s being biased.” Seira entirely dismissed her mother’s claim. “And when did she even say that?”

“During their anniversary party...” Nino answered. “She suddenly whispered it to me while we’re dancing... thinking about it, I don’t really understand why she told me that.”

Seira knows. Her mom is trying to set them up since that night.

“My mom gets really weird sometimes.” Seira just laughed. That’s a better excuse than saying that her mom is trying to get them together.

“I like to hear you sing.” Nino grinned widely.

“No way.” Seira instantly turned him down.


“Because I’m not that good and I don’t have proper training like my mom or like you and the rest of Arashi, karaoke is the closest thing I have to training. And most importantly, I only sing in front of my family.”

“You only need a little bit of confidence.” Nino puts in. “Wanna go to karaoke after this?” He smirked playfully.

“Shut up.” Seira retreats back and Nino started laughing.

They completely lost track of the time as they enjoyed each other’s company. Before they knew it, it’s already 9 in the evening. Nino offered to walk her back to their house, deliberately slowing their steps to extend their time together.

When they finally reached the Takasugi’s residence, Seira saw her parents’ car arriving at the driveway. Her mother hurriedly went out of the car to approach them and Seira wishes that she didn’t intentionally walked slowly on the way home.

Mouuuu…” Tomoko clamped her palms together, a wide grin on her face.“Did you have fun on your date?” She blatantly asked.

Good thing it was dark because Nino swears he felt his cheeks burning.

“Mom, it’s not a date. We just went out for dinner.” Seira hissed at her mother, tugging her on the arm.

“A boy and girl going out alone for dinner… what do you call that?” Tomoko smiled amusedly. “A date. Right, Tou-san?”

Seira glances at her father who’s shaking his head while smiling. “Tomoko, leave the kids alone.” Kichirou told his wife as he gestured at her to go inside.

“Invite him for tea inside. Okay, Sei-chan?” Tomoko whispered to her daughter before disappearing inside, Seira just shrugged her off.

“Have a good night, Kichirou-san, Tomoko-san.” Nino bowed politely.

“Just don’t mind my Mom. I told you, she’s weird sometimes.” Seira laughed uncomfortably.

Nino shakes his head in assurance. “She can be funny as well.”

“Thank you for tonight, Nino. I enjoyed it.” Seira smiled, shaking off what’s left of the awkwardness her mother created.

“I’m glad you did. Although next time, I wish to hear you sing.” Nino replied with smile. He is not messing around or teasing her, that smile is sincere, he really wanted to hear her sing.

Seira bit her lower lip, she was smiling as well. “You won’t!” She replied before she walks off to their gate.

Nino’s peculiar laugh echoed through the streets. “Goodnight, Seira!” He yelled as he steps back, waving his hand.

“Goodnight, Nino!” Seira yelled back, holding on the edge of the gate. She looks at him as he slowly steps away from where she is. He took one final glance back, a sweet smile on his face as he wave goodbye.

Seira didn’t take her eyes off him until he disappears into another street and then she closes the gate. She leaned over the steel doors and placed her hand on her left chest, it’s beating rapidly like a fast train.

*Tsundere - describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time.
*Ryotei - a type of luxurious traditional Japanese restaurant.

raene_9raene_9 on July 6th, 2012 10:33 am (UTC)
kyaaaaa~~~~ loved their date! and mama playing cupid, ne :)
wish to hear her sing as well. maybe a collaboration between them ^_^
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: ninosmilemikaa22 on July 8th, 2012 01:20 am (UTC)
I want to make this story less serious/less dramatic than the two previous one and more fluff/more kilig... So I put in interesting personalities, like her mom! :)))

Thanks for reading! :D
mojojowan: sho_ohnomojojowan on July 8th, 2012 03:19 am (UTC)
OMG OMG OMG~~~ teeeheeeheee~~~ i'm smiling from the start up to the last line of this chapter~~ :D :D

i hope we can hear seira's singing voice soon :)

thanks so much for the update :D
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: ninosmilemikaa22 on July 12th, 2012 10:10 am (UTC)
Especially the last paragraph, right?? :D :D

You're welcome! And I just updated a new chapter! :))
risakoisabelrisakoisabel on July 8th, 2012 02:37 pm (UTC)
ahhhhh... this is what i get for being gone... at least i read two chapters in one go! hahah good job
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: ninosmilemikaa22 on July 12th, 2012 10:11 am (UTC)
Thank you for reading! :)) I just updated a new chapter! :D
Aruarasukishi on August 7th, 2012 07:47 am (UTC)
Yes! I caught up with the story! HOHOHOHO. Am back in the fandom! ::D

You mean person! You should at least have made them go on a karaoke session!