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03 July 2012 @ 06:55 pm
[Multi-chapter] Change Me - Chapter Four: Something Unexpected  
It's been raining since last night here on my side of the world so I am cuddled in bed with my laptop since this morning with a very chilly (or stormy, lol) weather, in the mood to write this chapter. Outside though, classes are suspended, traffic on main roads and flood on low lying areas. Tsk. I hope my fellow Pinoy readers are safe (or should I say flood-free?? :D) in your homes. Good thing the heavy rain stopped this afternoon. :)

As always, this is unbeta-ed so tell me if there are any errors and mistakes. Comments, suggestions, reactions and criticisms are gladly welcomed. Happy reading! :)

Words: 2,105

Chapter Four
Something Unexpected

Approaching footsteps echoed through the stairs. Expectedly, Yuji turns around from the dining table and saw Seira hurriedly going down the steps with a bag straps across her shoulder, all dressed up and ready to go out. When she saw Yuji eating his late breakfast, she went straight into the kitchen ignoring him as if she didn’t saw him.

She came out with a glass of orange juice and a plate of pancakes and sausages as she sits with Yuji on the table. The siblings eat their breakfast in silence, obviously, Seira is still mad at him for yesterday.

“Where are you going?” Yuji breaks the long silence.

Seira glances at him while raising her eyebrow. “I’m meeting Saki-chan.” She replied nonchalantly.

“That Saki-chan?” Yuji asked ingenuously.

“Who else? I only knew one Saki in my whole life.” Seira replied sarcastically.

“Well, I thought that she’s out of the country on a business trip.” Yuji came to defend himself from his sister’s sarcasm. “Isn’t that the reason why she wasn’t able to attend Mom and Dad’s party?”

Seira rolled her eyes. “Obviously, she’s back already. That’s why I’m meeting her today, right?” She continued mocking him.

“So what about money? Is the two thousand yen from Mom enough?” Yuji asked and she gave him this piercing stare.

“Saki-chan knows my situation and being a good friend that she is, she offered to treat me to a meal... Unlike my brother who loves making fun of my demise.”

Yuji gives in without uttering a reply. He just continued eating his food and went silent.

When he’s done, he stood up from his seat and puts his empty plate and glass on the kitchen sink. He’s about to leave without a single word, leaving Seira alone on the dining table when he undecidedly turns around and calls her name.

“Seira.” Yuji mumbled in a low voice.

She slowly tilts her head to look at him as he approaches an empty seat.

“I’m sorry about last night.” He apologizes and Seira have to raise another eyebrow. “I said things I shouldn’t have said.”

“I didn’t expect you to apologize this quickly.” Seira replied indifferently. Yuji remained quiet, his face looks repentant. “Did you realize how mean you were yesterday? In front of our parents? In front of your friend?”

“I’m sorry.” Yuji replied.

“What I don’t understand is why do you have to say everything to Nino?” Seira accuses him with a daunting look. “He barely knows me and yet you spit out someone so personal about me.”

“I know. I shouldn’t have said it to him. I’m sorry. I can’t really defend what I did. I’m just really very sorry.”

Seira continued giving him daunting looks, wishing that it could make him guilty even more. Just serves him right for making her upset yesterday.

“You’re not going to say mean things about me anymore?”

“I won’t.”

“And you’ll be nicer and less strict?”

“I’ll be nicer but I don’t know about strict.”

Seira sighed. “I’m twenty-three years old, in case you forget.”

“But you’re still my younger sister.” Yuji puts in.

“Fine.” Seira consented forcefully and Yuji smiled obliviously.

“So are we good? You’re not mad at me anymore?” Yuji tries to confirm.

“Do you promise not to do that again? That you’d be more brotherly?”

“I promise. I won’t do that again.” Yuji swears, raising his right hand up.

“Okay. I forgive you.” Seira finally said with a smile.

The doorbell suddenly rings and Seira quickly gets up from her seat to open the gate.

“Must be Saki-chan!” She yelled while running off to the door.

A few minutes later, Seira appeared on their front door when Yuji just finished cleaning after her breakfast, beside her is her long time friend, Saki.

“I’m sure you know Takasugi Yuji, he’s like really popular now..” Seira mocks wittily as her friend laughed softly.

“Stop it.” Yuji snaps at her. He then shifts his attention at his sister’s friend. “It’s been a long time, Saki-chan. I haven’t seen you in years.”

Seira and Saki have been friends since they were little. Growing up they are inseparable, going to the same school since kindergarten until middle school. Their mothers are both popular idols in their generation and good friends as well.

“Saki-chan’s opening a Greek restaurant in town. You should bring your actor friends at the opening.” Seira came out with an idea. “It’ll be like a star-studded event and then your restaurant would be like a must-go spot in Azabu with all these ikemen actors attending the opening.”

“That would be asking for too much.” Saki shakes her head. “If you’re free, Yuji-kun, I’d be glad if you could come.”

“Sure. When’s the opening?” Yuji inquired.

“In four days.” Saki answered.

“Expect me to be there. I’ll see if the guys are free, I’ll bring them with me.” Yuji willingly offered.

“You don’t really have to.” Saki timidly said. “My mom’s really excited that she invited a few press, I told her that she doesn’t have to but keeps on insisting.  So, I might get in trouble with your agencies if you get pictured or something.”

Yuji laughed. “We’re going on our private time so there’s really nothing to worry.”

“I would be very grateful, then.” Saki smiled appreciatively.

“Why don’t you work for Saki-chan, Sei? Your boss is your best friend so it’s like an advantage, right?” Yuji commented.

Seira narrowed her eyes at her brother. “I didn’t study four years in university just to be a wait staff... No offense, Saki-chan.” She taps her friend’s hand as Saki smiles reassuringly.

“I’m just suggesting.” Yuji raised both hands in retreat.


Seira and Saki spent the afternoon catching up over late lunch in an al-fresco cafe in Omotesando. It’s been years since they last saw each other, the last time was before Seira left for the States to study college. Often times, they would just talk over the phone or exchange constant emails to update each other.  

Seira have lots of friends in America but she considers Saki as her best and truest friend, even the four years of being apart doesn’t make it any less. Saki is an only child so when they were young she would spend most of the time in the Takasugi household, playing with Seira and Yuji. The siblings, especially Seira, already treat her like a sister.

“So what have you been doing since you arrived?” Saki inquired.

“Nothing much. I’ve been hanging around Yuji’s friends for two nights and it makes me wonder how I stand being around my brother for so long.” Seira laughs while shaking her head.

“But you love sticking around Yuji-kun when we were kids.” Saki reminded her.

“Yes, when we were kids. But as I grow older, he’s starting to get really annoying. He’s treats me as if I’m child and he’s stricter than Dad.”

“You’ve been hanging around ikemen actors? Consider yourself lucky.” Saki pointed out, looking at Seira meaningfully.

“It’s crazy though.” Seira laughs. “It’s like a burst of testosterone whenever I’m around them. I do hang out with guys but this is the first time I ever hang out with an all-male group of friends. They’re crazy. They love their alcohol and they’re very wild, picking up girls they fancy and all that.”

“You have to know that Japanese men are very aggressive and dominant.” Saki told her and Seira nods smilingly. “So they never make a move on you?”

Seira shyly smiled. “One brave soul did. Even with Yuji’s threats...”

“Who?” Saki excitedly asked, almost jumping out her seat.

“This guy Oguri Shun-”

“OGURI SHUN?!” Saki’s voice raises up, attracting other customers. Seira have to pull out her arm to stop. “He’s pretty popular, you know.” She said, now lowering her voice.

“I heard.” Seira acknowledged. “But I don’t really like him. He’s too aggressive and I feel like he’s capable of cheating, considering how he’s the ladies man in the group and even Yuji said that Oguri Shun is not the guy he wanted for me...”

“Thinking about it, I don’t think he’s really your type.” Saki said. “You like cute guys.” They both giggle in laughter.

“Speaking of cute guys.” Seira started. “I’ve meet Ninomiya Kazunari a few times...”

Saki’s eyes grew big and round. “Arashi?” She asked and Seira nodded. “Okay, go on...” Saki told her, prepping herself up in her seat for this may be something good. Seira’s face lit up at the mention of the idol’s name.

“I already met him a year ago in LA, Yuji acted with him in this Hollywood. Anyways, he’s very nice and sweet...” Seira softly smiled.

Saki has to smirk at that remark. “Something tells me that you’re implying sometime here...”

Seira laughs and Saki swears she saw her blushing a little bit. “He’s very nice, you know. Actually, the rest of Arashi are all very nice but Nino’s really friendly and he made me feel comfortable around him, like I can feel his sincerity which is rare, you know.”

Saki nods her head up and down. “Well, that’s very good. You’re making new friends... So do you like him?”

Seira’s eyes went huge with the sudden question. “It’s too early to even say that I like him. Like you said, I’m making new friends, I like his company and I like hanging out with him. That is all.”

“He doesn’t really have this gentle image on TV, though.” Saki told her. “I mean, they might be portraying an individual image as Arashi but Ninomiya is like a real bratty character and he likes picking on his poor bandmates.” She laughs. “But then again, it might be scripted and he’s acting out a character to attract audiences. Many celebrities are way different in person anyways.”

Seira nodded, agreeing on what she said. “It’s just an impression. He might be a real brat. Who knows, he might start showing it soon.” She laughs, poking her fork on her salad.

“So you have plans to meet?” Saki asked.

Seira smiled softly. “He asked me out-”

“For a date?” Saki blurts out eagerly.

“No.” Seira dismisses it. “He didn’t really ask me for a date, he just asked if I want to have dinner or something, but then he didn’t ask for my number so I don’t know. I’m not really expecting for anything...” She continued playing with her fork.

“But why do you look so sad?” Saki pointed out, smiling meaningfully.

Seira look up and laughs while shaking her head endlessly. “I’m not sad! I told you, it’s better not to expect.”

The truth is, Seira got all hyped up when he asked her for dinner, she was looking forward to it. She really like being around him because he treats her kindly and sincerely, not everyone treats her that way and she realize that Ninomiya Kazunari is a breath of fresh air.


Seira spent the whole day together with her best friend. After lunch, they stroll around the shops and Saki even bought her a pair heels and a cute summer dress. Saki brought her to her restaurant as well and she sampled their different menus and drinks. Later on, they stayed in and chat some more over cheesecakes and coffee.

It was almost eleven at night when Seira reaches home. Her parents are probably sleeping as the house is dimly lit. Yuji may still be out, though. His car is not in the garage yet.

She prepared the bath as soon as she entered her room and stripping of her clothes one by one. It was a tiring yet fulfilling day, just a perfect day to forget her problems temporarily. Tomorrow though, she has to face it again and maybe start looking for a job.  

Just when she’s about to step into the tub, her phone started beeping, signalling a text message. She sluggishly wraps a towel on her body and picks up her phone. An unregistered number appeared on her screen.

From: Unregistered number

I may have made a fool out of myself
for not getting your number after

asking you out for dinner. ^___^
So I asked your brother and surprisingly
he gave it to me. :p
So, are you free tomorrow night? (^o^)


A sweet smile spreads across Seira’s face as she reads the unexpected text message. She probably read it a few times over as she felt this warm, fuzzy feeling inside her stomach. She doesn’t necessarily need to get back to reality tomorrow, maybe her perfect day can continue until tomorrow.

A/N: If you guys read We'll Always Have Paris, remember when Nino asked Sayumi out and he brought her to a Greek restaurant and he introduced her to Saki? :))) It's the same Saki and she's the last OC I'll introduce in this FF.
Also, Sakurai said in one interview that Nino loves using cute emoticons on his text messages. So I incorporated that in this chapter to make it more realistic. :D Sorry for the lack of Nino. I'll make up for it on the next one!

raene_9raene_9 on July 3rd, 2012 08:05 am (UTC)
kyaaaa~~~ can't wait for their date!
who will be w/ Saki? gomen to ask, ne ^_^
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: Nino Nerdmikaa22 on July 3rd, 2012 11:55 am (UTC)
Ehhh. Do you really want me to spoil it? HAHA! :D
raene_9raene_9 on July 4th, 2012 09:45 am (UTC)
hehehe....wonder lang kung sino kay Riida or Aiba :)
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: Nino Nerdmikaa22 on July 5th, 2012 02:56 am (UTC)
Hmmm. You'll get little snippets on Riida and Aiba's girls in future chapters of this fic. :)
Sa kanilang lahat, yung story ni Sho and Sayumi yung pinaka-nahuli. :D
raene_9raene_9 on July 6th, 2012 10:39 am (UTC)
thanks! :))
Aruarasukishi on July 3rd, 2012 09:13 am (UTC)
I like!!!! Very much!
I like how the universes are all the same!!
Gah! I love, I love!

Where Dreams Can Be Reality: Nino Nerdmikaa22 on July 3rd, 2012 11:58 am (UTC)
Something about the same universe plots interests me! :D I have this fave series of fics that are the same with this one. Too bad she updates really slow. HAHA!

Ang lakas nanaman ng ulan tonight! Stay safe din!

PS. May twitter ka ba? :D
Aruarasukishi on July 3rd, 2012 07:02 pm (UTC)
Yiz, I have. ::D
You have?
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: Nino Nerdmikaa22 on July 4th, 2012 12:28 am (UTC)
Yep. @milcapaola :D You?
mojojowan: sho_ohnomojojowan on July 4th, 2012 11:28 am (UTC)
teeeeheeeheeeheee~~~ love the unexpected text meesage XDXD

and best friends are the best! hahaha! :))

thank you so much for the update :)
Where Dreams Can Be Realitymikaa22 on July 5th, 2012 02:53 am (UTC)
Indeed! Best friends will always accept you for who you are. Just like Saki did with Seira. :)))

You're welcome! Thank you for reading and commenting! Until the next!