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26 June 2012 @ 08:01 pm
[Multi-chapter] Change Me - Chapter Two: Waking Up To A Breakfast Feast Scheme  
How are you guys like this story so far? I haven't got much feedback (via comments) so I dunno how good (or bad) it is. Let me hear what you have to say, yes? :))

And I'm reminding again that the setting for this story is way back in 2007. So the members will be a bit different as they are now in present. Like Jun is still in his DoS heydays, Satoshi is still not addicted to fishing, Sho and Jun's are still a bit awkward with each other... :D

As always, this is unbeta-ed so tell me if there are any errors and mistakes. Comments, suggestions, reactions and criticisms are gladly welcomed. Happy reading! :)

Words: 2,755

Chapter Two
Waking Up To a Breakfast Feast Scheme

The early morning sunlight peeped through her bedroom window. Pulling the blanket up to her face, she turned her back on the bright sunlight to sleep some more. Suddenly, a loud knock on the door almost gave her a fright but instead of standing up and opening it, she buried her head underneath the pillow and went back to sleep, totally ignoring the continuous knock.

“Wake up, Seira! Mom wants us to be complete for breakfast.” Yuji continued pestering her with his irritating voice and loud knocking.

“We can be complete later. For dinner.” Seira yells back, still under the pillow. “I want my sleep.”

Surprisingly, Yuji didn’t reply back. The hallway outside went silent as Seira slowly falls back to sleep. A few minutes later, Yuji slams her bedroom door open, the master keys dangling on his hands. Before she knew it, he is removing the blanket off her. He started tickling her on the waist as she squirms around his grip.

“Get up or I’ll tickle you some more.” Yuji continued pestering her on her weak spots- on the waist and under her ears.

“Okay! I’ll get up!” Seira retreated, raising both hands. She gets off her bed and walks to her bathroom while her annoying brother watches with a wide grin.


Breakfast with her parents has always been the most abundant among all meals. During her father’s heyday, breakfast is the only opportunity they have to gather around the dining table as a complete family because he usually always comes home late at night after filming and other commitments.  They would always have all sorts of food on the table, from the accustomed Japanese breakfast to European brunch menu. It has always been a feast.

And today makes no exception.

The dining table is brimming with delicious stuff; waffles, croissants, smoked ham, goat cheese, omelette, various fruits in season, freshly squeezed orange juice and apple tart for dessert. The table setting is carefully prepared as well, all in complete set.

“Why do I feel like I’m an about-to-be-executed convict, eating the last meal of my life?” Seira commented.

Yuji sniggered and when his mother eyed him, he pulled a hand over his mouth and grinned silently to himself.

“It’s been ages since we all have a meal as a family, Sei-chan.” Her mother, Takasugi Tomoko, answered carefully. “Ah, how I miss those days when the two of you are running around the house while I prepare breakfast. Now both of you are all grown up.” she placed both hands together, reminiscing.

Takasugi Kichirou laughs softly. Putting down his newspaper and placing a hand on top of his wife’s. “They can’t be kids forever, Tomoko.”

“Of course...” Tomoko agreed while tenderly staring at her two children. “I’m looking forward to day when Yuji brings us our grandchildren.” She dreamily sighed.

Yuji almost choked on his food while Seira tries hard not to choke on hers with her laughter.

“Surely, that will be far along from now, Mom.” Yuji answers back.

“Yuji doesn’t even have a girlfriend, Mom.” Seira smirked, taking advantage of the situation to get even.

“Nii-san.” Tomoko firmly corrects her way of addressing her brother.

Yuji and Seira spent a few years growing up in America and she got too accustomed to calling him by his first name. Besides, Yuji doesn’t mind on how she calls him anyway, but their parents insisted to use honorifics when they are around.

Nii-san spends way too much time with his troop, that’s why he can’t get a girlfriend.” Seira continued pestering him this time, much to her enjoyment.

“I’m not interfering with your own life, Sei, better not mingle with mine.” Yuji retorts irritably.

Seira makes a face and turned to face her brother. “You’re way overprotective than Mom and Dad, Nii-san. How can you say that you’re not interfering with my life? Remember how you reacted when one of your friends asked me for a dance last night?”

“I’m just looking out for you like what a responsible brother should do. You don’t know Oguri Shun, Seira. I will not let any of those guys to lay a hand on you, I know them too well.” Yuji reasons out.

“It’s just a dance, Nii-san. It’s not like he would smuggle me out of the party and bring me to a love motel.”

Takasugi Kichirou father finally gets in between his bickering children by clearing his throat. “When are you flying back to LA, Seira?” He asked her.

“In about two weeks or so.” Seira answered uncertainly.

“You didn’t book a round trip ticket?” Kichirou asked.

“No. I’m still not sure if I want to stay longer, or if you guys want me to stay for a while so I just booked a one way ticket.”

The other three people on the table exchanged quick knowing glances before they looked away obliviously.

“Why?” Seira asked with suspicion.

Kichirou nods in agreement. “That’s good. Why don’t you stay here and maybe find a job…”

“A job?” Seira raised an eyebrow. “How long do you wish for me to stay here, Dad?”

Her parents exchanged another look and she’s starting to get annoyed at how they seem to talk with their eyes, leaving her out.

Kichirou placed his hands on both sides of his table setting and sighed. “Well, your mother and I decided that it’s best if you settle here instead of living all by yourself in LA. Your brother also agrees, right, Yuji?”

Yuji nodded. “You’re not doing anything in LA anyways so why don’t you just go home here, be with Mom and Dad and maybe start being responsible?”

“I’m doing something in LA.” Seira defended almost angrily. “You make it sound like I’m useless.”

“You’re not doing anything productive, Seira. You don’t even have a job.” Yuji stated.

“Don’t you want to be with us, Sei-chan?” Tomoko asked and the sad look on her face pricked Seira’s heart a bit.

“I do, Mom.” Seira reassures sincerely. “It’s just that I got too used to the life in LA, I don’t think I’m ready to leave yet.”

“You just don’t want to leave your friends and give up the freedom you have there.” Yuji pointed out bluntly. “You know that once you come back here, Mom and Dad will be stricter with how you handle your money and I’ll be all over you as well and you hated that.”

“Oh yes, Yuji, I hated that! Like right now, you’re getting in nerves so shut up!” She yelled in annoyance.

“Seira.” Her father reprimanded.

“Yuji’s just being so annoying, Dad!” Seira reasons out helplessly.

“Because you know that I’m right.” Yuji said crossly. “You just run around town with your friends, eating expensive dinners and partying all night. You plan out of town trips every week and occasionally, out of the country tours. And by the way, Seira, you’re spending Dad’s money on every single one of those. You’re useless and insensitive. You don’t value the money Dad worked hard for to give you only to spend it on your luxury.”

“Yuji, you’re being hard on her.” Tomoko said.

“No, Mom. We should have done this way before. Seira’s been lazing around for too long. She needs to get a job and start earning her own money, that way she might realize the value of it.”

“Yuji, it’s better if your mother and I talk to Seira alone.” Kichirou said.

“But Dad-”

“We’re not going to end this talk if the two of you continue to exchange arguments.” Kichirou pointed out. “Don’t you have a meeting in an hour? Go ahead, we will talk later at dinner.”

Yuji dispiritedly stood up from his seat and walks off the dining room without a word.

When Yuji is finally out of sight, Kichirou went back to speak. “Don’t think of this as a punishment, Seira nor are we teaching you a lesson for coming to this decision. We just wanted you to start being responsible, you’ve been unemployed for too long-”

“Just tell me straight to the point, Dad. What are you three conspiring about behind my back?” Seira has her arms crossed around her chest and her head is dropped down, not wanting to look at any of them.

“We wanted you stay here, longer. Settling here in Tokyo is an even better choice. Get a job, a stable one-”

“What if I don’t want to work? What if I want to go back to LA?”

Seira met her father’s eyes and she instantly knew that he have reached his limits.

“Go back to LA if you want.” Kichirou firmly stated. “But you have to know that even if you’re in LA or here in Tokyo, I decided that I will cut all of your credit cards and I will confiscate your chequebook, in addition to that I will also stop sending money to your ATM. You have no choice but to get a job or else, you’ll be homeless and hungry.”

Seira’s jaw dropped open and she can feel the tears forming in her eyes. She can’t believe that her parents are doing this. Her father said that this is not a punishment but no matter how you view it, this one’s clearly a punishment. She can’t possibly live without any money.

“That’s too much, Dad!” Seira cried out, shifting her eyes to her mother for help but to no use. “This is a punishment and you’re obviously teaching me a lesson!”

“I have the right to do that to you, aren’t I?” Kichirou answered steadily. “You’re my daughter and you’ve been financially dependent on me for the past four years, I have every right to get all your source of money.”

“But how can I possibly live without a single cent on my wallet?”

“That’s easy. Get a job.” Kichirou said flatly. Seira buried her face in her hands. “We’ve been telling you that since earlier, Seira. Now, before I forget, give me all the credit cards, ATM cards and the chequebook before I head to the office this afternoon.”

Seira growled dejectedly, her hands are still covering her face. “You’re cutting me off my allowance starting today?” Her father nodded but she didn’t saw it because of her hands over her face.

“Yes. I wouldn’t give it back until you start earning money and by then, you’ll pay out of your own pocket. I wouldn’t give back your monthly allowance and your chequebook until you prove to me that you can handle your finances wisely.”

“I cannot find a job that easily and even if I did, I would only get a salary after a month. How can I possibly survive without any money?” She said monotonously.

“Food doesn’t run out in this house so you wouldn’t have any problem with that. You need food and water for survival, Seira, not money.”

“What about money for gas-”

“You’re also not allowed to drive a car until you get a job.” Kichirou added and Seira almost dropped out of her chair.

“What about train ticket? You can’t possibly ask me to walk around Tokyo while I find a job.”

“I’ll ask your brother to get you a Pasmo.” Her father remains firm in his decision to not give her a single cent.

“Sei-chan…” Tomoko mumbled softly. “I will give two thousand yen out of my own wallet every day. You poor thing, your father’s being hard on you.”

“Thanks Mom, that’s far less than the daily minimum wage but still, thank you.” Seira sighed as she gave a muffled scream. In the corner of her eyes, she saw her father pursing his lips, trying hard not to laugh.

Seira suddenly remembered what she said earlier as a joke. Now it seems very real, she feels like she’s about to be executed and this breakfast feast is her last meal.


Ninomiya Kazunari doesn’t usually celebrate his birthday. Because most of the time, he’s working until the wee hours of the night that he can’t spare even a few hours to celebrate. He does get greetings from his family and friends, the members would sing a birthday song, occasionally, he would be presented with a cake, and give him presents, and that’s about it.

But the day he turns twenty-four took a sudden turn from his past birthdays.

It started out as a joke from Kenta, demanding him to treat them to a dinner since he never treated them to any meal in the past and the best time to do so would be on his birthday. But being the stingy brat that he is, Nino conversely told them that he should be the one being treated, because it is his birthday.

When Nino woke up this morning, his phone is buzzing endlessly with birthday greetings and one message from Kenta says that everything’s already planned out for tonight’s party. Clueless, he called Kenta immediately since nothing was really planned beforehand but apparently, the guys prepared a small gathering for his birthday party.

And now here he is, at their usual nondescript bar, rented for the rest of the evening just for them as he waits for all his friends to show up.

The Arashi members are all present, coming here together as soon as their schedule ended. Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma are also present along with other of their actor friends. Nino doesn’t have many close friends as Jun or Sho so the tiny bar isn’t really packed with people, just the perfect place for a small gathering.

“She’s just being a brat. We both know that we did the right thing. She can’t possibly be spending someone else’s money for the rest of her life.”

Nino heard Yuji talking to someone on his phone by the bar entrance, probably his mother.

“Just don’t mind her, Mom.” Yuji’s voice is getting irritated by the second. “Seira probably went down to the kitchen when you’re not around and sneaked some food back to her room. Believe me, she hates being hungry. No matter how upset she is, she will eat.”

The mention of Seira’s name makes Nino curious as he eavesdropped in the conversation.

“She’s mad at me right now, I bet she don’t even want to see my face.” Yuji is clicking his tongue as he listened to the other line.

“Fine, I will try. But if she doesn’t want to, I will not force her to come.” Yuji agreed reluctantly and ended the phone call.

Nino quickly walks off inside the bar when he heard Yuji calling him from behind.

“Is it okay if I bring someone to the party?” Yuji asked and Nino nodded unknowingly.

“No problem. Who are you bringing though?” Nino asked obliviously.

Yuji placed his hands on his hips and sighed. “Seira’s being…well… Seira.” He said meaningfully and Nino didn’t quite get it.

“Long story.” Yuji told him after seeing the look on Nino’s face. “My dad is cutting all her credit cards, he also stops sending her monthly allowance to her ATM and to top it all off, he confiscated all of her means for money. So basically, my sister is penniless down to the last cent.”

“Now, she’s locking herself inside her room and my mom is getting worried, she asks me to bring her along since she doesn’t have any friends here… Well, she actually has a friend who lives here, her best friend since kindergarten but she’s currently out of the country so that only leaves me.”

“Why would Kichirou-san do that?” Nino wondered.

“Seira’s been unemployed for so long and she depends on my dad financially. It’s about time she start working for herself.”

“She doesn’t look like she’s that…” Nino hesitated to continue.

“Insignificant and immature?” Yuji fills in and Nino shakes his head timidly. “Just because my sister treated you kindly on two occasions, it doesn’t mean that you instantly knew her that well. Seira’s a real pain in the ass, I don’t think you would even stand her once you get to know the real her.” Yuji laughs, tapping Nino on the shoulder.

Nino doesn’t know what he meant by that but he feels a little shudder down his spine. Did Seira really trick him with her kindness and bubbly personality? He wondered if he’ll ever see the real her and the bigger question is will he like it as much as he likes what he thought she was?

*Pasmo - is a rechargeable contactless smartcard ticketing system for public transport.

A/N: The inspiration for Seira's parents is that of Taiga's parents in Natsuniji. The dad is a successful actor, the mom a retired popstar. And remember how ditzy the mom is in Natsuniji? It's going to be the same here. So if you still can't imagine it, just look back at Natsuniji episodes. :)

risakoisabelrisakoisabel on June 26th, 2012 11:21 am (UTC)
ahmmm... QUESTION...


I'm hooked!
good job!
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: ninosmilemikaa22 on June 26th, 2012 11:37 am (UTC)
Before the weekend! It wouldn't take long. :D

Thanks! Until the next chapter!
raene_9raene_9 on June 26th, 2012 11:54 am (UTC)
OMG! that's sudden, ne...wonder what will Neen do in this situation :)...still stalking
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: ninosmilemikaa22 on June 26th, 2012 12:18 pm (UTC)
Nino's very curious about this girl so we'll see what he'll do next. :p
Continue stalking! Haha! Thanks as always!
nishiki1027nishiki1027 on June 26th, 2012 01:24 pm (UTC)
I'm looking forward to how you develop this story... and arrive with the lonely Neen from Jun and Sho's story...

I'll always be here waiting even though I don't make some comments ..:)
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: ninosmilemikaa22 on June 27th, 2012 07:05 am (UTC)
Hmmm, I am very excited for that. Got everything planned out already. :) Thank you! :D
mojojowan: shadowsmojojowan on June 26th, 2012 03:31 pm (UTC)
so so so so...

the "punishment" is going to start now huh? XD

geez~ i'm so hooked now :))

thanks so much for the update :D
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: ninosmilemikaa22 on June 27th, 2012 07:08 am (UTC)
Better get it started right away. :))) That's pretty much the focus of the story anyway. :)
I'm very glad! Thank you! Until the next one! :D
Aruarasukishi on June 30th, 2012 11:18 pm (UTC)
Although I do approve of the parents' and Yuji's decision, I think calling someone insignificant is a bit too much. Immature is something everyone needs to be called at one point, but insignificant seems a bit too... unbrotherly. ::P I love the breakfast though. I really like the parents, and the mother is hilarious.

I like Nino's birthday party, too. He doesn't have a lot of deep connections, but that's still awesome, in its own right.
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: nadegatajapanmikaa22 on July 1st, 2012 08:58 am (UTC)
Truth is, I was really struggling to get the right word on that line. *bricks myself for my declining vocabulary* LOL. :D I really like the mother too. XD

Well, Nino didn't really plan the party, it's like he was dragged into it. He's got some really nice friends in this fic. :)))

Glad you liked Seira! And thank you for reading this one too! :D