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19 June 2012 @ 08:01 pm
[Multi-chapter] Change Me - Chapter One: The Second Time She Saved His Night  
Hey people! As you know I'm back with a new fic. *throws confetti* I hope you'll all will like this as much as the past ones. :)
And how do you like my new layout? *winks* Cool Nino is irresistible. Kyuuu! ♥

Regarding this chapter. I think I said before (in a comment in 1 chapter of We'll Always Have Paris, I think.) that Nino's fic will have lots of OCs and side characters. You'll see them here and more in the coming chapters.

As always, this is unbeta-ed so tell me if there are any errors and mistakes. Comments, suggestions, reactions and criticisms are gladly welcomed. Happy reading! :)

Words:  2,036

Chapter One
The Second Time She Saved His Night

June 2007

The grandiose hotel ballroom is starting to fill up with people dressed in chic tuxedos, sparkly long gowns and some others who prefer dressing in traditional Japanese kimonos.  Uniformed waiters are walking around the spacious room offering trays of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to arriving guests. Almost all of Japanese entertainment industry is present in this event. From veteran actors to movie directors, current superstars and some of the younger generation are all gathered here.

And standing amidst the overwhelming crowd of industry VIPs, Ninomiya Kazunari found himself one with them.

He walks inside with his hands inside his pocket, smiling at everyone he passed to as he searches for a familiar face among the big crowd.

And just like a life-saver, he couldn’t even be any happier hearing Matsumoto Jun’s voice.

“Nino! Over here!” Jun’s outstretch arms are waving at him from afar. Standing with him at the bar are Ito Kenta, Nino’s co-star in Letters from Iwo Jima whom Jun is currently co-starring with, and Oguri Shun. 

“That’s a lot of people.” Nino pointed at the ballroom entrance as he approaches his friends.

“What can you expect from the Takasugi Kichirou?” Kenta pointed out while tapping Nino on the shoulders.

Nino normally doesn’t go to parties like this but Kichirou-san’s wife, Tomoko-san, personally invited him along with the rest of their friends and he couldn’t say no. The Takasugi family have always been so kind to him over the past year.

The event’s MC started speaking through the microphone in front, getting everyone’s attention. He asked everybody to take their respective seats as the party will start in a few minutes.

“Table 15, that’s us.” Oguri Shun leads them to their seats as they took their cocktail glasses with them.

In the middle of their table is a paper with their names written on it.

Arashi-san, Oguri Shun-san & Ito Kenta-san.

Tomoko-san is not only fond of Nino but for the rest of Arashi too. So she invited everyone to this special day.

“Where are the rest of Arashi?” Shun inquired, seeing that their table is half-full.

“Sho-san texted that he’s on his way while Aiba-chan is still at work.” Jun informed them. “As for Captain... ” His eyes darted to Nino.

Nino shrugged. “He didn’t say anything when I asked if he’s coming tonight.” 

When everyone is finally settled on their seats, the MC got up again on the stage and he began introducing tonight’s host. At the other end of the room, Kichirou-san and Tomoko-san entered hand-in-hand, smiling and waving at their guests as they walk through the carpeted center aisle.

With everyone’s eyes focused on the couple who’s celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, someone else took Ninomiya Kazunari’s attention. Walking behind the happy couple are their children, Yuji and Seira.

It’s been more than a year since he first and last saw Seira, at that wedding party in LA. Since then, he has never heard from her since, not even from her own brother.

Nino can never forget their strange first meeting. She ticks him off the first time he laid eyes on her, she’s straightforward and blunt, not to mention, annoying but the moment she said that she’s Takasugi Seira and dragged him out off that dreadful party, his impression on her took a full turn. She’s actually very fun to be with, unique in a way with how she easily senses the atmosphere and makes you feel instantly at ease.

 “Is that Yuji’s sister?” Oguri Shun asked with curious eyes. Nino realized that he’s not the only one giving Seira a full attention.

Oguri Shun’s eyes are locked on her, while Jun and Kenta are looking at her with interest.

Nino nodded although he feels that his companions didn’t saw it. “Takasugi Seira.” He mumbled, turning his gaze once more towards her.

Seira looks like she has matured quite a bit for the past year. Her used to be blonde hair is now colored light brown, just like the color of her eyes, Nino remembered. It’s gotten a bit longer also. She’s wearing a backless light blue dress and a killer high stiletto. Her make-up, unlike the last time, is done naturally this time around.

“Tell me why have I never encountered her before?” Shun is gaping fascinatingly at her.

“Do you know her, Nino?” Jun curiously asked.

But before Nino can answer, Kenta chips in to answer for him. “Apparently, she’s in LA last year when we were doing Iwo Jima. Nino met her, right?” He taps Nino’s shoulder and he nodded. “Unfortunately, she’s only there for like a few hours, I never met her.”

“And you never told us how hot she is?” Shun finally took his eyes off her and look at Nino accusingly.

She is hot, yes, Nino agrees, but he knows that she’s beyond than that. “Do you want Yuji to go berserk when I say that about his sister? He’s so protective of her.”

Their group of friends are not entirely that gentlemanly and nice. Shun dates multiple girls at a time, Kenta never seriously dates a girl and Nino plays around a lot. Yuji will most likely throw a punch if he heard them talking like that about his sister.

 “Well, well... It seems like you have to get your hands off her, Shun.” Jun said, laughing with the two other guys. “Yuji-kun might punch you straight in the face if you go after his sister.”

“I haven’t even got my hands yet.” Shun mumbled indifferently before returning to admiring her from behind.


The party started smoothly after. Kichirou-san started off with a small speech thanking all the guests for joining them in celebrating a milestone in their married life. He also introduced Seira to everyone for this is the first time in four years that they throw a party as a complete family.

Sakurai Sho arrived just before the dinner started and they told him, Shun particularly, how Yuji’s younger sister stole the whole evening with her allure. Nino stayed unusually quiet the whole time. He just inattentively listens to what they have to say about Seira as he conscientiously watches her quietly.

He was kinda half wishing she’ll notice their table and come up to him, just to catch up and see how she’s been doing the past year but he doubt she even remembered him. He didn’t quiet leave an astounding memory as much as she does with him.

When it was time for dancing, everyone gathered on the dance floor with their partners, slow dancing to the music played by the live band. The three members of Arashi, Shun and Kenta decided to hit the open bar to drink instead, since they didn’t bring female partners with them.

“Are you guys having fun?” Yuji came up to them as Shun hands him a glass of alcohol.

“Yeah, great food and a nice crowd.” It was Sho who answered.

Yuji nodded with a pleased smile. “How come it’s just the three of you?” He asked the three members of Arashi. “My mom would not be so thrilled.”

“Aiba’s stuck at work.” Nino answered. “As for Captain, it’s better not to get your hopes up.” Nino and Yuji share a laugh but unknown to them, their four friends are staring at someone behind.

Yuji turned around and found his sister entertaining some guest sitting on a nearby table.

“Seira.” Yuji called her and she turned around to join them.

Wish granted. Nino thought as he’s doing a small victory dance on his mind.

“Meet my friends.” Yuji started as his friends stood still and eagerly waits for their turn to be introduced.

“This is Sakurai Sho-kun.” Yuji began with Sho, who’s about to bow his head but Seira extended her hand instead.

“Arashi. I know him.” She smiled and Sho returned with a timid laugh as he shakes her hand.

“Well, I’m sure you know the next person as well.” Yuji pointed at Jun.

Seira nodded. “Nice to meet you, Matsumoto-san.” She said as Jun willingly took her hand for a handshake.

“Oguri Shun-kun.” Yuji continued introducing her and Shun daringly took her hand and plants a small kiss on top of it which receives a darting glance from her brother.

“This is Ito Kenta-kun. He lived with me in LA last year but you didn’t get the chance to meet him, right?” Yuji hurriedly introduced Kenta and snaps her arm from Shun’s grasp.

“Yeah, it was pity.” Seira smiled at Kenta and extended her hand once more. “It was nice to meet you now, Ito-san.” Kenta is unexpectedly shy which surprises his friends.

“Of course, you’ve met Nino already.” Yuji pats Nino on the back.                                                                           

Seira’s eyes met his as they momentarily exchange smiling glances. “How can I forget?” She grins and Nino can only manage to laugh. “I am glad to meet you again, Nino.”

“I’m glad as well.” Nino replied happily as they exchange knowing smiles again.

Shun interrupted by clearing his throat as he took a step forward. “I hope it’s okay with you, Yuji-kun but can I invite your sister for a dance?”

Yuji’s eyes grew bigger and threatened Shun with a sharp look.

“It’s okay, Yuji. It’s just a dance.” Seira soothes her brother calmly. He narrowed his eyes on her but she only gave him a reassuring smile as Shun angled his arm for her to take.

“You’re harmless, are you?” Seira asked Shun wittily as she slips an arm on his. She pats her brother’s shoulder reassuringly before they strides off to the dance floor.

“Remind me to have a one-on-one talk with Oguri Shun after he dares to flirt with my sister in front of me.” Yuji told his friends heatedly as he suddenly took his alcohol in one shot.

Nino watches Seira and Shun from a far. He’s got one on her waist and the other hand tangled on hers. He’s wooing her with his smooth talking skills as she laughs and plays along with him. Unknowingly to him, he gulps his whiskey down in a shot, his eyes never leaving the two on the dance floor.

“What happened in LA?” Matsumoto Jun’s voice echoed through his ear as Nino found him standing behind. “Between you and her?” He added, pointing his lips at Seira.

“What do you mean what happened in LA?” Nino replied sounding innocent. Nothing really happened, truth be told, only that they almost kissed. “Nothing happened.” He dismissed.

“Liar.” Jun whispered with a suspicious smirk.

Nino chuckled. “Think whatever you want, Matsujun.” He told him as he jumps on the bar stool and ordered another drink.

The boys scattered around as they talk with other guests they know, leaving Nino drinking on his. He wasn’t really in the mood now to socialize, not after what Shun did and Jun practically reading his mind.

“Mister Sulky drinking on his own again.” Someone said from behind and Nino smiled at how he recognized her voice.

Nino swings his stool and found Seira standing beside him. “Well, you know me.” He smiled.

“Yeah, I do. You hated stuff like this.” Seira crossed her arms around her chest. Nino wondered why she’s not sitting on the empty seat beside him. “Well, I was just wondering if I can change your mind…” She told him and he narrowed his eyes.

“Dance with me.” She said, almost commanding him to do so.

 The slow music ended a few minutes ago and now the place is darker as loud dance music is booming from the speakers.

Nino laughs as he leaned over the bar counter, looking at her without a word.

“Oh come on! Don’t be such a party pooper!” She yelled playfully.

Suddenly, just like the first time they met, she dragged him off his seat and joins the party on the dance floor.

Seira started dancing to the music, moving her hips with every beat as they join the energetic crowd on the dance floor. She never lets go of his hand and Nino willingly let her do so as he slowly loosens up, enjoying himself with her company.

raene_9raene_9 on June 19th, 2012 11:32 am (UTC)
hahaha...i can imagine Nino dancing! and captain is fishing again!?
loved how Jun can read him... ;)
and Shun being a playboy!? hahaha
thanks Mikaa
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: shyboyninomikaa22 on June 19th, 2012 11:59 am (UTC)
I'm not really sure but I don't think Oh-chan is yet to discover the fun of fishing in 2007? LOL! XD He's just doing art around those time. XD
It is already given that Oguri Shun is a big playboy. Haha! :D
Thanks as always! XD
mojojowan: ohno_lipsmojojowan on June 21st, 2012 01:43 am (UTC)
hi :D

so seira is his "real" life-saver *lols* and did he feel jealous on shun x seira?? teeeheehee~ that's the start XDXD

thank you so much for the update :D
Where Dreams Can Be Reality: shyboyninomikaa22 on June 21st, 2012 09:27 am (UTC)
Haha. Indeed! She saved him twice, you know. XD Well, from how his mood dropped after Shun asked her to dance says it all. XD

You're welcome! Until the next update! :D
Aruarasukishi on June 30th, 2012 11:08 pm (UTC)
Well. Ohno is Ohno. Shame Aiba wasn't there though, he would have been a riot ::D

I like Seira na. ::D