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17 June 2001 @ 04:02 pm
[MASTERPOST] Change Me  
TITLE: Change Me
LENGTH: Multi-Chapter
PAIRING: Ninomiya Kazunari X Original Character, Arashi
GENRE: Real Life, Friendship, Romance, Drama
RATING: PG 13 (for now)
SUMMARY: Takasugi Seira’s life is the envy of many - a big house in the city’s most upscale neighborhood, an invite to every must-go party thrown by her socialite friends and the money to buy and do whatever she wants. Thanks to her award-winning actor father and her former pop idol mother, she has all the luxury in the world. But amidst the accomplishments of her family, Seira’s life is going nowhere. She’s a spoiled brat, never settles for a stable job and still very much financially dependent on her parents. An inescapable deal with her father took her to the edge as she is forced to live out of her comfort zone. Struggling to prove herself to her family, Seira found refuge in Ninomiya Kazunari- pop idol, a shut-in game freak and the most frugal person in the planet, a man who is a total opposite of her.

PROLOGUE - When a terrible day turns into something memorable
ONE - The Second Time She Saved His Night
TWO - Waking Up To a Breakfast Feast Scheme

THREE - Two Brats Getting Along
FOUR - Something Unexpected
FIVE - The Unheard Song
SIX - The Night He Took Her Worries Away
SEVEN - The Overprotective Brat